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The ILE WA Project




Community Management, Creative Direction, Project Management, Pre and Post Production

Project type

In-House Community Based Project and Coffee Table Book

The self-published ILẸ WA book is more than a vivid testament to the boundless artistic talents waiting to be discovered by the world.

Curated in-house by WE ARE SOUL, using the work of 41 global contributing creatives from across the world, this project prominently features African and Caribbean inspired stories.

This collection was curated to support the “Soul Purpose” campaign, a groundbreaking project aimed at bringing about social justice and positive change to young people in developing communities, through creativity and education. In 2017, WE ARE SOUL partnered with Nigerian based NGO, CWEENS, and they connected us with three girls who required educational and financial support. There has since been the need to continue this important work through intentional and creative ways.

Through a captivating blend of art, photography, and poetry, this unique project highlights the diverse experiences of 41 African and Caribbean creative contributors, showcasing their profound connection to the motherland.

Transcending beyond the borders of the UK, "ILẸ WA,” which translates to "Our Land” or “Our Home" in Yoruba, serves as a powerful testament to the rich cultural heritage of the contributors, offering a global stage for these talented individuals to express their deep-rooted ties to their ancestral homelands.

Since the projects release in 2022, it has since led to the release of a self-titled short film, an event in collaboration with the National Gallery and a nation-wide billboard campaign.

Join the conversation as our community grows! #HomageToHome

For more information about the ILẸ WA project and WE ARE SOUL, please visit our Main Site's 'philanthropy' page.

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